The gorgeous fashion designer was horny and turned on

The cougar liberated her sexual desire

With a smirk on his face, Hiram said, “A soldier returned to the United States from South Korea for vacation. He spent the night with his wife in a hotel. A soldier returned to the United States from South Korea to spend the night with his wife in a hotel. After having passionate sex, they were both tired and fell asleep. In a hazy sleep, a drunk man mistook their room for his own and knocked on the door. The soldier woke up in a panic and woke up his wife, ‘Hurry and wake up, your husband is back!’ The sleepy wife rubbed her eyes and said calmly, ‘Don’t panic! My husband is still serving in Korea!’”

Fashion designer, Beauvoir, took Hiram to Nice for a vacation. She was in a good mood when Hiram told her the joke. That night, they stayed at a luxurious hotel. Then, something unexpected happened—

In the bathroom, Beauvoir turned on the water and poured a bottle of rose essential oil into the tub. Rose essential oil is not only a sacred product of skincare, but it can also heal the mind, body, and soul.

With the essential oil in the tub, the fragrance filled up the bathroom. Beauvoir submerged her body in the water, her muscles relaxed immediately. Feeling refreshed, she started to hum a small tune.

She walked out of the bathroom after the bath, and a strong rose fragrance wafted out and filled the room.

Hiram quickly poured a glass of wine for her. Donning a black low-cut nightgown, she walked over and sat on the sofa, a charming, fragrant scent trailing behind her.

She did not wear a bra and her breasts were half exposed. Hiram glanced at her breasts while handing her the wine. Right away, his manhood started to react. He never felt like that before.

Hiram was wearing only shorts, so Beauvoir could see his bare chest. She also felt her heart racing; it was like the first time when she had sex.

Back at home, Beauvoir and Hiram usually dressed like this and felt quite normal. Little did they know, the erotic feeling was actually the byproduct of the rose essential oil.

The citronellol in the rose essential oil has a special pheromone. When inhaled in a large amount, it will make people indulge in the subconscious of love and stimulate erotic desire. Two thousand years ago, Caesar the Emperor fell in love with Cleopatra. It is rumored that Caesar stepped on Cleopatra’s carpet filled with rose petals and inhaled the aroma, and the scent triggered his romantic feeling for her. Another anecdote has it that Cleopatra rubbed the rose essential oil on her inner thighs, which charmed Caesar and made him fall for her. Whether this rumor is true or not, it is a fact that rose oil can arouse the desires in men.

Rose essential oil is especially effective if two people already have feelings for each other. Beauvoir and Hiram interacted all day and had developed a level of intimacy, so the reaction of inhaling the rose fragrance was particularly strong.

Under the influence of the fragrance. He found Beauvoir exceptionally charming, he couldn’t contain himself and praised again, “You are strikingly beautiful. You look so amazing!” he kept glancing at her breasts while he was talking.

Beauvoir was delighted by yet another compliment from him and appeared even more seductive. She eyed him alluringly and responded, “You also look so handsome and sexy.” She inhaled more rose fragrance and was under much stronger influence.

They looked at each other with seductive eyes. Beauvoir felt a wave of desire rumbling inside her body like a bell chiming, Hiram also felt a current of longing burning in his dick.

Hiram was still sober and kept restraining himself from longing for her body. He also chanted Amitabha in an attempt to redirect his thoughts.

Just when Beauvoir was feeling horny, Hiram looked toward the sea and exclaimed, “Look! A big ship!” and pointed to the ship. He was trying to diffuse the sexual tension by distracting their focus.

Beauvoir got curious and walked closer to Hiram to look at where he was pointing. Seeing a well-lit cruise full of passengers on the deck, she said excitedly, “That’s the cruise we will take tomorrow!”

She lowered her body to see the cruise, her breasts dangling beside Hiram’s face. The loose gown revealed her cleavage, Hiram could see her two tender, snow-white breasts in front of him. If he stuck out his tongue, he could have tasted them.

He stared at her tits voraciously, an anxious desire charging through his body. He was not paying attention to the cruise information that Beauvoir was telling.

It was hard to tell whether by accident or on purpose, Beauvoir’s tits kept bumping into his face while she was talking. When her nipples brushed against his face, Hiram was so aroused that his mind was completely charmed and his heart was beating wildly.

Hiram couldn’t hold back his desire. When her nipple approached his face again, he lost control and held it in his mouth.

With her nipple in his mouth, she did not appear shocked or displeased. On the contrary, she turned her body completely toward him and saddled on him, pressing her breasts on his face, rubbing. Then she grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts.

Hiram was like a hungry child, grabbing her tits, he rubbed and sucked, the thought of not crossing the line was gone.

Impatiently, Beauvoir pulled down her shoulder straps and removed her nightgown halfway. Her upper body was now naked. She was sexually aroused and was obviously seducing Hiram.

Beauvoir held his head and twisted her body wildly. Her sexual flame was igniting in full force and could not be contained. She grabbed Hiram’s hand and put it between her legs.

Hiram felt her wetness, she was not wearing any underwear! He got extremely excited and got to work, stroking her pussy with his fingers while sucking on her nipples. He was exhilarated. This was too good to be true. He could not believe his good luck!

Having her nipples and pussy pleasured by Hiram, she squirmed her body and moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, she slid her hand down inside his shorts, grabbed his hard cock, and said, “Let’s sleep in the bed!”

He did not realize what she meant, and thought she wanted to sleep and not continue. He said in disappointment, “If I sleep in the same bed with you, I might not be able to control myself not to touch you. I’ll just sleep on the sofa.”

Beauvoir laughed and said, “I’ve already thought it through. One does not need the feeling of love to have sex. As long as two people like each other, it’s not a big deal to have sex. I’ve decided to live my own life. Hurry, take me to bed!”

Hiram then knew she also wanted to have sex. Excited, he carried her to the bed.

He carefully placed her in bed, her gown slid down to her abdomen, exposing her tits and pussy, the latter was deliciously gleaming with love juice, looking flirtatious and sultry.

He stared in awe with his mouth watering. While he was about to fuck her, suddenly the thought of respecting her and not crossing the line reappear. He hesitated.

Beauvoir saw that he was not making a move, she grabbed his hand and said, “What are you waiting for? Come over here!” Pulling him in bed, she took off his pants swiftly.

Hiram was a little embarrassed, but excited at the same time. He comforted himself that this was what she wanted to rid himself of guilty thought that he was crossing the line. He climbed on top of Beauvoir, grabbed his hard penis, and slid it inside her.

He was so shy that he did not dare look at her. Even his thrust inside her vagina was awkward and not smooth, it was like scratching just the surface. Who could have thought that the funny and humorous Hiram was such a shy lover in bed?

Beauvoir was horny beyond words. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Without saying a word, she got up and pushed Hiram to bed, mounting on him.

Hiram was shocked by her sudden move. Given him no time to react, Beauvoir started squirming her body and kissing him.

Holding his hands, she moved up and down and spun her butt. She felt so good that she was moaning loudly in pleasure.

Hiram felt the tingling sensation and was inexplicably excited. He couldn’t believe that the graceful and elegant Beauvoir could be such a slut. It was all too shocking.

Beauvoir was like an experienced chef and Hiram was her ingredients, being cooked in different positions at her will. Her passionate lovemaking made him excited and nervous, evoking his hidden eroticism and raising his primitive carnal desire.

They both enjoyed the extreme excitement and huge contentment from sex. Hiram said emotionally, “You enlightened my view on sex, and now I know the truth about sex.”

A woman at her thirty is like a wolf, and at forty is like a tiger. Sex hormones are strongest around thirty-five years old. At this age, sexual desire reaches its peak, and the orgasmic feeling also reaches its peak. Beauvoir was thirty-three years old, exactly at the age of a wolf and a tiger. It was understandable that she was horny for sex. Hiram gained precious experiences from her that most people his age would not have experienced… (To be continued)

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